As you can see, the kitchen is wicked small.  There is next to no counter space, and I need to add a shelf above the sink for my spices, sugar, etc.  There also isn't a whole lot of cabinet/pantry space.
The lighting isn't great in this picture - but, I promise - the kitchen has been freshly painted.  (Still need a shelf over the sink tho.)  I also need additional shelves in the "pantry" cabinet, which is the long cabinet on the left.
<==== Before
At least I have a new stove.  None of the apartments have a door on the shelving/storage area.  Weird.
After =====>
You can slightly tell a difference with the new paint.  It's Navaho White.  Still no door on the storage area tho!  HA!
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Ooooh .. new linoleum!