The Apartment
Here's where I will document the saga of "The Apartment".  I'm moving.  Just across the hall - but it's turned into major drama.  Negotiations with the landlord on what he'll do, what I'll do, what I want to do, blah-blah-blah.  The following pages have some pictures of the apartment as it looks before paint and carpet.
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Background - I have lived in my current apartment for just over 8-years.  It's a pretty nice size apartment, 2-bedrooms, 1-bathroom with a large living room and a small dining room with an even smaller kitchen.  The place is old, but the rent is cheap - especially for the westside.  There are three apartment buildings, each has four apartments, two on the bottom, two on the top.  But .. and here's the catch .. one of the upper apartments in each building has a HUGE sun deck.  Basically, it's the carport.  So, it's four car widths and a full car length.  That's like getting a back yard.  So, I have waited patiently for all these 8-years to get one of the three prized sun deck apartments.

Recently, my neighbors decided to move back to Pennsylvania.  They lived right across the entryway from me, in the sun deck apartment.  They told me they were planning on moving months ahead of time.  It was all I could do to not start making deals with the Landlord about wanting to move to the apartment, blah-blah-blah.  But, I had to keep mum, 'cause my neighbors didn't want the Landlord to know ahead of time.  Thankfully, when my neighbors gave their notice, they also told the Landlord about me wanting the apartment.

Naturally, the Landlord started in right away with the heavy handed tactics.  I had to make up my mind right away if I wanted to take the apartment because he had other people interested.  Being that I wanted the apartment for so long, you may wonder why there was even a question as to whether I would take the apartment or not.  Well, he wanted to raise the rent beyond what I was paying by $500.00 per month.  That's a big jump.  Then, when he laid out the fact that he was intending on raising the rent on my current apartment in February 2004 by $150.00 per month - I figured I'd better think about this hard.  So, I negotiated with him, and got him down to a $250.00 increase for the new apartment.  Of course, he wanted me to pay for the new carpeting in the apartment.  *sigh*  Whatever.  At least I get to pick the carpet color.

So, the Landlord is painting and I am doing the carpet.  Luckily, the carpeting turned out to be a good deal.  $539.00 for the whole apartment, and the Landlord will replace the linoleum in the kitchen and bathroom (which he tried to get me to do)!  Then, comes the saga of the cable and/or DirecTV.  I want DirecTV.  He said I could have DirecTV.  The FCC says he has to let me have DirecTV, because I have a patio that is exclusively mine.  But, DirecTV wants a signed letter from the Landlord saying that I'm the legal tenant, and that he is okay with me installing the DirecTV.  *sigh*  Now he's having second thoughts about it.  Great.  I just charged $123.00 for my DTV set up - and installation is scheduled for Sunday, 11/2.  Dammit!